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An Introduction To Qualitative Research †

Question: Talk about the An Introduction To Qualitative Research. Answer: The most significant thing(s) for me in the presentation segment of an excellent research report is the significance of the theme that will be explored in the exploration report. I feel that it is imperative to educate the perusers about the criticalness regarding the examination subject and why it is essential to make the exploration proposition. I feel that it is imperative to give a reasonable thought of the exploration subject and furthermore advise the perusers about its genuine pertinence in todays business world. The presentation part ought to likewise contain a guide of the fundamental substance of the exploration and how the examination report would be introduced. It would give a thought in regards to the substance and furthermore adjust the desires for the crowds to it. This guide ought to be sufficiently coherent and furthermore it ought to be anything but difficult to be executed. I feel that the future extent of study ought to likewise be set down well in any case the perusers may very well lose intrigue. The new information zones that can be progressed with the assistance of this examination ought to be all around spoke to in the presentation part. I have seen that the speakers are consistently anxious to know the real extent of the investigation to decide whether the examination is really practical or not. I likewise believe that the presentation ought to be made in a sound, clear and legitimate way with the goal that the perusers feel keen on perusing the substance. This would likewise draw in the perusers in the substance. Book index Flick, U. (2014).An prologue to subjective research. Sage. Taylor, S. J., Bogdan, R., DeVault, M. (2015).Introduction to subjective research techniques: A manual and asset. John Wiley Sons.

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Renaissance Architecture as the Pinnacle of Genius an Example of the Topic Arts Essays by

Renaissance Architecture as the Pinnacle of Genius In spite of the fact that there are numerous extraordinary workmanship developments, for example, Baroque, Pop Art, Gothic, Avant-Guard, none are all the more striking in design as that of the Renaissance time. With the Renaissance recovery to magnificence, the shading mix and the nearness of the old style naked consolidated into a great deal of the dcor, it is with the Renaissance craftsmanship period that workmanship history was observer to the most ideal engineering. The accompanying article will look to demonstrate this point utilizing the masters of the Renaissance time frame and utilizing their fills in as instances of this postulation. Need exposition test on Renaissance Architecture as the Pinnacle of Genius theme? We will compose a custom exposition test explicitly for you Continue Michelangelos Sistine Chapel delineating God giving Adam the sparkle of life is one in which the center of religion is encapsulated in craftsmanship. There is the disclosure of intensity in the social event the transient being and the commonplace human, and in the shading sense of taste being controlled in the painting the unobtrusive tones and the regard for chiaroscuro is the thing that gives the artwork a very Renaissance feel. The watchers consideration is draw towards the body; yet strong, it isn't giving indications of muscle to fat ratio, it is craftsmanship consummated at this time preceding life, and in the territory of alternate extremes, this is the thing that Michelangelo needed to catch; the ideal body compared with exceptionally human feelings; the God body matched with mankind as is expertly made in Sistine Chaple. Our Customers Very Often Tell EssayLab pros: Who needs to compose paper for me? Exposition essayist experts suggest: We Write All Kinds Of Papers Composing Services Cheap Writing Service Reviews Pay For Papers Essay Writing Help Company The utilization of shadows is likewise present in Michelangelos Sistine Chapel, Spark of Life delineation of God and Adam. The surface of this work of art is by all accounts fairly firm in contrast with the smoothness of oil utilized by da Vinci. Neither craftsman anyway utilized mitigated hues, each own a dynamic quality of the high Renaissance in this conventional utilization of shading mixes. The point of convergence for Michelangelo in this composition anyway is clearly the essences of Adam and God, both hopeful as can be found by they way he utilized his featuring focuses and where the harsh surface of the canvas appears to relax a piece. The Renaissance was a time of people. The craftsmanship development happened during the 1400s at which time the world was surrendering to incredible tragedies. The one hundred years war was occurring, the bubonic plague had executed in any event half of the populace among such nations as France, Germany and England, however Italy was saved. Due to Italys political framework, which is a progression of city republic states with not ruler, no obvious laborer class, thus there is space for social portability, and free enterprise has made the way of life a business society. Vendors, for example, the Medicis, ran this business society and these conditions set up gives route for the Renaissance. With the end goal for specialists to have watched their general surroundings, recreation time more likely than not been sought after and on the grounds that Italy didn't so totally surrender to the incredible plague, the whole culture was left to thrive. They prospered in all things, for the most pa rt craftsmanship. This period of people took into account independent tycoons who might commission craftsmen to make anything they desired. One of the principle supporters of the Renaissance was the Church. The capacity of a Renaissance craftsman to make and imagine depended on the extravagance of the chief. Accordingly, numerous extraordinary strict craftsmanships were likewise the point of convergence of the craftsman., thus, by watching their general surroundings Renaissance specialists made a plenty of strict structures. Michelangelo built The Campidoglio by utilizing the space given to him and starting strong voids, coordinated with horizontals and verticals. This metro focus of Rome serves the plan of room. Michelangelo likewise built St. Diminishes arch. This was at that point, the greatest arch on the planet and still is. Bramante began this engineering structure yet Michelangelo completed it. All together for the monstrous measure of weight from the vault to be held the craftsman imagined twofold sections on the drum and twofold ribs bringing together the topic. Not exclusively was the development handy and imaginative however the structure despite everything gave proper respect to the Church. The highest point of the vault has a cross for Christianity which sits on a globe which speaks to the world. By observing their general surroundings and creating essential items with which to take part in that world or to improve life, Renaissance specialists demonstrated that innovation was key in finding the world. In this way, the Renaissance didn't just give the world incredible craftsmanship, yet the imaginative virtuoso and backbone to make extraordinary landmarks and creations. By basic perception, craftsmen, for example, Michelangelo and Leonardo could give the world new types of figure, engineering, and plan usage including terrific scope development, for example, Leonardos connect or even the biggest vault on the planet. Perception is the way to imaginative virtuoso, and it is through perception that craftsmanship and creation impact. The Renaissance submitted its general direction to the rich types of design and magnificence from the Greeks and Romans. The possibility of balance and shapes and polish are staple highlights in Renaissance design. Hence, a watcher can see a great deal of Rome spoke to in the Renaissance design, for example, sections, pediments, curves and arches. It was through Vitruviuss compositions on design that enlivened numerous Renaissance craftsmen to grasp the Roman perfect of excellence, amicability, and balance (Architecture in Renaissance Italy section one). This is Vitruviuss thought of balance as is introduced in Renaissance engineering and conceptualized by Vitruvius in the human body, The estimation relating to the body being assigned by headlengths is underlined by Vitruvius thusly, For the human body is so structured commonly that the face, from the jawline to the highest point of the brow and the most reduced underlying foundations of the hair, is a tenth piece of the entire talln ess; the open hand from the wrist to the tip of the center finger is only the sameThe different individuals, as well, have their own even extents, and it was by utilizing them that the popular painters and stone workers of times long past achieved incredible and unending fame (72). A portion of the celebrated engineers of the Renaissance time included Michelangelo, Brunelleschi, Battista Alberti and Palladio. Each had their own style and capacity to build extraordinary accomplishments of engineering excellence as well as deliver their vision of traditional Roman structure with evenness as the point of convergence. In spite of the fact that Vitruvius talks about evenness his tendency of the term additionally gives breathing space, Therefore, since nature has structured the human body with the goal that its individuals are properly proportioned to the casing overall, apparently the people of old had valid justification for their standard, that in immaculate structures the various individuals must be in careful balanced relations to the entire general plan (73). This is particularly found in Brunelleschis splendid gem the arch of the Florence Cathedral. Among Brunelleschis other significant achievements and commitments to engineering is he recharging of the Doric, Ionic and Corinthian segments in their legitimate spots. Another perceived achievement of Brunelleschi is his arrangement of extents; in spite of the fact that his design appears to be easy to the layman, his complexities exist in his utilization of proper estimation inciting amicability in his general structure, for example, the Ospedale degli Innocenti. This particular 3D square structure is immaculate in its estimations among segments, and the tallness and space are particularly proportioned (Architecture in Renaissance Italy passage two). Another extraordinary designer of the Renaissance who promotions in withering the rest craftsmanship historys engineering is Alberti. Aberti concentrated in Rome and had a lot of introduction to Vitruviuss theory. Alberti practiced his examination and information with the faade of the Tempio Malatestiano just as the Church of Santa Maria Novella, which as saw as gems can without much of a stretch be contrasted with Roman sanctuaries, in the faade and the structure and the adherence to the significance Romans had on balance. Alberti utilized segments not only for enriching purposes as is found in Baroque craftsmanship and past workmanship periods fine art, however as important parts to his structural plan. The sections were utilized as burden bearing segments. Along these lines the segments become some portion of the designs steadiness. (Design in Renaissance Italy passage three). This paper has demonstrated that Renaissance design is of more prominent gauge than other structural periods because of its appearance on Roman evenness and flawlessness. The magnificence of Renaissance engineering rests with its emphasis on parity and how this equalization is found in the most diminutive of subtleties in the building plan. This balance is found in the segments, the stature, and the watchers viewpoint of every one of these things takes into account a total perspective on this impression of excellence as far as building designing. In spite of the fact that workmanship history has been conscious of numerous extraordinary imaginative developments, no place is seen the verve, the perseverance, the tastefulness coordinated with unadulterated splendor than in Renaissance engineering. It is with this plan of excellence found in balance that the genuine theory of this article is established and demonstrated: Beauty as a type of engineering in estimation, and the least complex of structural consideration of a section, a space, a vaults weight and clearly of Vitruviuss own coordinating of all of craftsmanship to the balance of the human body; the most flawless type of workmanship. Work Cited Engineering in Renaissance Italy. 2007. On the web. Recovered 18 November 2007. Janson, H.W. and Anthony F. Janson. (1997). History of Art. Fifth Edition Revised. Prentice Hall, Inc., and Harry Ab

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NACAC Conference

NACAC Conference For the past three days, I was at the conference of the National Association of College Admission Counseling (NACAC). NACAC is the primary professional association for guidance counselors and admissions officers, and once a year they gather for a conference. This years conference was in Tampa, FL, and MIT had seven representatives: myself, Marilee, Jenny, Joanne, Edmund, Bryan and Ben. It was quite an interesting conference. The NACAC Conference Tampa logo. I like attending professional conferences (see: NEACAC, OACAC) because I come away feeling energized, with many ideas, and having learned something new. This year, some of the sessions included: Dealing with Natural DisastersThe New TOEFL is Here!Helping Students with Aspergers and Nonverbal Learning Disabilities Go To CollegeThe Common Application Q and AStudent Performance on the New SATRecommendations: The Good, the Bad, and the Oh-So-Stale I am drawn to sessions with inspiring speakers. Some of the speakers I saw: Freeman Hrabowski, President of University of Maryland, Baltimore County. Donna Shalala, President of the University of Miami. At right, Donna Shalala addresses a standing room only crowd, with University of Miami Dean of Admissions Ed Gillis looking on. At left, Shalalas adoring audience. Lloyd Thacker, Executive Director of the Education Conservancy. Lloyd Thacker leads a panel discussion on ethical admissions, which included admissions deans from UNC-Chapel Hill and Kenyon College. Dave Barry, syndicated humor columnist for the Miami Herald. Dave Barry huge on the big screen, with the real Dave Barry at the podium. Also among the presenters was Marilee Jones, our Dean of Admissions. She presented on the topic, College Admission as a Mental Health Issue. Like many who are involved with admissions, Marilee is very concerned about the stress placed on students and families by the pressures to be admitted to the right college. The sign announcing Marilees talk, and Marilee addressing the crowd. On the final day of the conference, Ben and I gave our presentation about what else? these very blogs. Our mission was to tell other admissions offices 1) what a blog is, and 2) how blogs can be used to demystify the admissions process and provide students with real insight into life on campus. We hope that other admissions offices will start staff and student blogs, and based on feedback, this is happening! If you attended our presentation and are reading this, I hope youll say a quick hi in the comments section below. Ben presents blogging to the crowd (Im behind the camera). We presented to an enormous ballroom that was about half-full; no one wanted to sit in the front, though, it seems. The NACAC conference also included a Counselors College Fair (I may have even said hello to your counselor), a Conference Social (which I missed), and the members meeting, where Crucial Admissions Business is voted upon. I also learned a bit more about options for international students. Coming in, I knew about the six schools that are known for admitting international students in a need blind fashion and meeting their full financial need: MIT, Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Williams, and Middlebury. But I was not aware of some other schools that have many, many international students who receive great financial aid, including Berea College, Colby College, and, most notably, Mount Holyoke, where their large population of international women is greeted with generous aid packages. It was also nice to get to catch up with my MIT colleagues for a couple nice dinners. We dined Friday night at Columbia Restaurant, Floridas oldest Spanish restaurant, housed in a beautiful space in Ybor City, where we ate and watched the Flamenco dance show together. Since weve all been on the road traveling so much, it was nice to see everyone again. Columbia Restaurant, home to delicious food and great Flamenco dancers. We also dined together Thursday night, and got a nice picture: From left: Marilee, Bryan, Edmund, myself (behind the camera: Ben) Im in the office in Cambridge briefly again today, then tomorrow I fly out to Southern California. Ill be doing Central Meetings this week in Orange County (Wednesday), Westwood (Thursday), San Diego (Saturday) and Pomona (Sunday), followed by meetings in San Luis Obispo (Wednesday) and Long Beach (Thursday) next week. Ill be seeing those of you in Southern California soon!

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Where Whales Have Hair and How Its Used

Whales are mammals, and one of the characteristics common to all mammals is the presence of hair. We all know that whales arent furry creatures, so where do whales have hair? Whales Do Have Hair While its not immediately obvious, whales do have hair.  There are over 80 species of whales, and hair is only visible in some of these species. In some adult whales, you cant see hair at all, as some species only have hair when they are fetuses in the womb. Where Is Hair in Whales? First, lets look at baleen whales. Most of the baleen  whales have hair follicles if not visible hair. The location of the hair follicles is similar to the whiskers in terrestrial mammals. They are found along the jawline on the upper and lower jaw, on the chin, along the midline on top of the head, and sometimes along the blowhole. Baleen whales known to have hair follicles as adults include  humpback, fin, sei,  right,  and  bowhead  whales. Depending on the species, the whale may have 30 to 100 hairs, and there are usually more on the upper jaw than the lower jaw.   Of these species, the hair follicles are probably most visible in the humpback whale, which  has golf ball-sized bumps on its head, called tubercles, which house the hairs. Within each of these bumps, called tubercles, there is a hair follicle. The toothed whales, or odontocetes, are a different story. Most of these whales lose their hair shortly after birth. Before theyre born, they have some hairs on the sides of their rostrum or snout. One species, though, has visible hairs as an adult. This is the  Amazon river dolphin or boto, which has stiff hairs on its beak. These hairs are thought to add to the botos ability to find food on muddy lake and river bottoms. If you want to get technical, this whale doesnt quite count as marine life, as it lives in fresh water. Hairlike Baleen Baleen whales  also have hairlike structures in their mouth called baleen, which is made of keratin, a protein that is also found in hair and nails. How Is the Hair Used? Whales have blubber to keep them warm, so they dont need fur coats. Having hairless bodies also helps whales release heat more easily into the water when they need to. So, why do they need hair? Scientists have several theories on the purpose of the hair. Since there are lots of nerves in and around the hair follicles, they are likely used to sense something. What that is, we dont know. Perhaps they can use them to sense prey - some scientists have suggested that prey may brush against the hairs, and allow the whale to determine when it has found a high enough prey density to begin feeding (if enough fish bump against the hairs it must be time to open up and eat). Some think that the hairs may be used to detect changes in water currents or turbulence. It is also thought that the hairs may have a social function, perhaps being used in social situations, by calves communicating a need to nurse, or perhaps in sexual situations. Sources Goldbogen, J.A., Calambokidis, J., Croll, D.A., Harvey, J.T., Newton, K.M., Oleson, E.M., Schorr, G., and R.E. Shadwick. 2008. Foraging behavior of humpback whales: kinematic and respiratory patterns suggest a high cost for a lunge. J Exp Biol 211, 3712-3719.Mead, J.G. and J.P. Gold. 2002. Whales and Dolphins in Question. Smithsonian Institution Press. 200pp.Mercado, E. 2014. Tubercles: What Sense Is There? Aquatic Mammals (Online).Reidenberg, J.S. and J.T. Laitman. 2002. Prenatal Development in Cetaceans.  In Perrin, W.F., Wursig, B. and J.G.M. Thewissen. Encyclopedia of Marine Mammals. Academic Press. 1414pp.Yochem, P.K. and B.S. Stewart. 2002. Hair and Fur.  In  Perrin, W.F., Wursig, B. and J.G.M. Thewissen. Encyclopedia of Marine Mammals. Academic Press. 1414pp.

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The Co Existence Of Feminism And Naturalism - 1625 Words

Claire Schenken Mr. Carroll English IV AP 20 October 2014 The Co-Existence of Feminism and Naturalism in The Awakening As the book that simultaneously killed Kate Chopin’s career and synthesized traditional literary features, such as romanticism, with their new opponents feminism and naturalism, The Awakening bares a weighted name. The Victorian-era setting in which it was also written can be greatly accredited to these ideas, as the influx of new ideas regarding society, gender roles, and human life and love were upcoming and increasingly present, especially in the free-thinking Creole society that The Awakening’s protagonist, Edna Pontellier, resided. Chopin implements these new ideas through both naturalist and feminist values in her†¦show more content†¦Chopin’s integration of naturalist and feminist values throughout Edna’s rebellion against society are key in understanding the repression Edna felt. Both values can be primarily seen in Chopin’s contrast of Edna and her close friend Adele. Edna goes to reject the feminist attributes of Adele, who fit i nto society as one of the mother-women who â€Å"†¦idolized their children, worshipped their husbands, and esteemed it a holy privilege to efface themselves as individuals and grow wings as ministering angels† (Chopin 51). Edna’s defiance of a standard patriarchal society embraces feminism as Chopin mocks society’s idea of women-as-angels and instead portrays her as a mother, but not a mother-woman, as her children do not define her like Adele’s do. Naturalist views are additionally seen through Edna’s relationship with Adele, a traditional Creole woman who â€Å"†¦[spoke] her mind, assert[ed] her sexuality, and otherwise [broke] loose from the constraints of convention (Fleissner 238). Viewing this complex combination of Creole’s freedom of speech and affection with restrictions on sexual autonomy, we must look solely to naturalism to understand Edna and Adele’s differences. While Edna is unfamiliar and confused by affecti on, as seen by Adele’s touch, Adele is comfortable with her identity as a sexual being and a mother-woman. This acceptance of life as a mother-woman can be explained by her natural

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ADHD Nutrition Free Essays

ADHD is a disease which weakens the release and homeostasis of neurological chemicals. In full the initials stand for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Research shows that ADHD is a hereditary disorder that is it can be passed on through genes. We will write a custom essay sample on ADHD Nutrition or any similar topic only for you Order Now Its occurrence comes with many other disorders such as being defiant, learning disorders and other behavioral disorders ( Paul, 2000 p.4 ) There are no specific laboratory tests to establish this condition. The diagnosis can be made upon the parents careful evaluation of their past to see whether they could have had symptoms similar to those that are clear indicators of the disease. Useful tests to diagnose the condition can be through achievement tests that can be used to measure the learner’s learning disorders. Drugs used to treat the disorder are noted to be very addictive. However, psychological treatment can be very helpful. It is also important to note that the drugs used are only used to control the situation and not to treat it. Symptoms of this condition include being restless, lack of concentration, and if there is some, they last for a short time, the child is easily distracted, engagement in excess activities and being impulsive. It can also lead to many allergies to additives and food dyes. More boys are affected by this condition by girls, a phenomenon that has been explained as being as a result of the aggressive nature of boys as opposed to the girls. Many people believe that there is a relationship between food additives and hyperactivity which is seen in this condition called ADHD. The question as to whether there is a relation between nutrition is a claim that has no scientific proof. Many scientists have ended their researches inconclusively. Though claims that there are causes of ADHD that are related to diet–specifically a diet that contains food additives or is high in sugar–and allergies, these claims were seriously investigated by a number of scientists and according to Paul, ( 2000 ) â€Å"many parents whose children are affected by this condition participated† ( p.42 ) Their concern was whether sugar could cause the symptoms of ADHD. Scientific studies show that sugar and carbohydrates cannot cause the symptoms of ADHD, but rather children with this condition can react with sugars in differently from the rest. However, there are no marked effects identified. In fact in one study ADHD children’s reaction to carbohydrates was better than that for proteins surprisingly. This fact also applies with the vitamins and ADHD. Regulated intake can help the situation rather than the exaggerated belief that it causes ADHD related symptoms. Neither too much sugar nor deficiency in vitamins can cause ADHD. The condition cannot be improved by excessive intake of vitamins as the results might be negative since some vitamins when taken in excess can be harmful.   The other causes identified include lead poisoning which has been known for a long time as a major cause of psychological problems. Its interesting that even those children who have not consumed lead can develop the condition may be as a result of breathing in or rather inhaling fumes from the vehicles, nearby industries especially for those in urban centers. Even though many researchers try to dissociate ADHD with nutrition, there is further evidence that reduction of certain additives in foods can be a good way of reversing the condition. It has also been observed that the blood of children suffering from this condition has a low DHA fat level. In addition, beneficial nutrients from greens, certain fish, and an adequate level of the DHA fats is a superb way of reversing such conditions in children who suffer from this condition. Recommended dose for the DHA fat is 100mg to 600 mg, according to the age and condition of the child. How to cite ADHD Nutrition, Papers

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Mansa Musa Essay Example

Mansa Musa Essay Because of IM, we stayed strong for almost two hundred years. Mans MUSM always wanted the best for his kingdom, and had to make sacrifices along the way to get It where It Is today. Mans MUSM filled the criteria of a leader perfectly, If not better than prior leaders such as Sundials. When Sundials died, Mans MUSM, a skilled military leader, took over and expanded Mall greatly. He appointed governors to rule the provinces that he had taken over. These governors ruled fairly and efficiently under Mans Musss rule. This shows how Mans MUSM deeply cared about the lives of his clansman, and made sure all areas of his kingdom were fairly ruled over. He built mosques in Timeout, an important trading city, which attracted numerous Muslims that helped the kingdom of Mali prosper. It attracted judges, doctors, religious leaders, and scholars. This just goes to show you how skillful he was, and how he skillfully attracted important people to his kingdom. When Mans MUSM decided to go on his hajj to Mecca, he had it all planned out. He wanted this trip to be unforgettable, and to give others around the world a reason to come to Mali. He brought sixty thousand people with him, 500 being slaves. He also brought 100 camels, and in total, 192,000 ounces of gold. In no way was he shy about his surplus of gold, for showing off his riches was the point of the trip. One of his most famous stops along the way was when he went to Cairo and gave away so much gold, Cairo suffered a horrible inflation period where their money was basically worthless, and didnt get their money system back to normal for about ten years. We will write a custom essay sample on Mansa Musa specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now We will write a custom essay sample on Mansa Musa specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer We will write a custom essay sample on Mansa Musa specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer By showing off the gold, and handing showering the lands he passed with it, it made others want more, and made them want to come to Mali, instead of him having to cross the Sahara to get to them. Even though he took gold from his people, it was used for the better. Because of this trip counterclaiming Mali and its surplus of gold, mapmakers started showing Mali on their maps, and more traders started braving the cruel weather of the Sahara to go to Mali. Also we got a more efficient trade route. Along with this, Muslim schools and architecture started to be built In Mall, bringing a more concrete education and religion to the kingdom. Overall, Mans MUSM gambled his position as ruler over Mali by making the trip across the Sahara to Mecca. By doing this, he lost followers, but also gained more respect from his even more devoted citizens. He united his kingdom, attracted Europeans and other provinces to Mall for trade, and In the long run, saved money and the lives of those who would have had to do that trip numerous times Just to trade. He made the smart decision to spend lots of money to take one trip, then a good amount of money numerous times Just to trade every so often with neighboring kingdoms. Mans MUSM made history by taking this pilgrimage, and got his kingdom on several maps seen my thousands of people. For some, teen may De Electroplates Tanat Mans MUSM Detracted teen, Duty Tort ten rest of us, we thank him for his bold move, and talent in advertising for making Mali not just one of several kingdoms of Africa, but a well recognized, and prosperous kingdom of Africa.